How To Recover Deleted Photos Android

Did you accidentally delete some photos or an album from your Android device? Don’t worry, you can recover your photos. Deleting photos stored on your phone means that the index used to access these photos is deleted but the content is still stored in your phone’s memory.

You should stop using your phone as soon as you accidentally delete the photos. Do not take any more photos, do not install any new apps and do not download any updates. Turn off data and WiFi to prevent your phone from automatically downloading updates. If you keep using your phone, new content will be written over the photos you accidentally erased.

You can recover deleted photos Android by using free software. There is a number of free recovery tools that are compatible with Android devices. You might need to try a few different recovery tools before finding one that allows you to recover all your pictures. You can also buy Android recovery software if you need to have access to more advanced features. You will also need a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.

You need to activate the developer mode on your Android device. Go to the Settings and tap on About Phone. You will then see an option called Build Number. Access the Build Number and your phone should ask you if you want to enable the Developer Options or will display a notification saying that the Developer Options have been enabled.
Go back to the Settings and you should see a new menu called Developer Options. Access this menu and look for an option called USB Debugging. You need to check the box called USB Debugging for recovery software to work.
Connect your Android device to your computer and launch the recovery software you downloaded. Most tools that allow you to recover deleted photos Android have a simple interface and you should be able to easily launch the recovery process. You might have to look for a more detailed tutorial on the official site of the developer who released the tool you are using if you are not sure how to launch the recovery process.

The recovery software will then access the files that were recently deleted on your Android device. You will be able to save a copy of the photos or of the album that you accidentally deleted if this content hasn’t been overwritten in your phone memory.

If you accidentally deleted content that was stored on a removable memory card, you might be able to recover the photos by removing the card from your phone, inserting it in your computer and launching a data recovery tool.
You should look for a way to back up your photos and other important files so you do not have to use recovery utility in the future. If you cannot recover the photos you accidentally deleted, you should contact a local phone repair service to see if they can recover the photos or the album that was deleted from your Android phone.